Just a Lover
Peoples I look up:
1. My mom - of course I really love her, and I’m thankful to her for everything she gave me in this life, and what’s she will give.♥ I know it’s not a really good picture (quality), but you can say anything, she is beautiful!♥

2. Colin Firth - I love him, cuz he is a really really good actor, I love all his films (he was in Pride and Prejudice (1995), what I really love!!!), and he’s so talented. Oh and last but not least he is very goodlooking.;)♥

3. Rowan Atkinson - I love him cuz he always can make me laugh. I smile even if I just see at him.:D He is Mr. Bean, and Johny English.B) And my favorit quote is from him… so yeah.:D♥

4. Dakota Blue Richards - I love her, she’s a good actress, I started to watch Skins just because of her, and I’m really happy for this, cuz Skins is great.:) And I love the fact that her name “Dakota” is from the indians!:) It’s so cool, I love dakota indians.♥ (And all indians.) She was really amazing in The Golden Compass and the Secret of the Moonacre! I love these books too.♥

5. Johnny Depp - Aww I really really love him, because he is a good actor and he really is himself.♥ I love The Pirates of the Caribbean! And all his films.♥

6. Dynamo - He really the magic IS! He’s amazing, and as somebody said: “Dis guy is an alien OR SUNTIN” haha, it’s really funny! But he is really awesome, I always watch him on TV, and he always amaze me, whatever he does.:) Love him.♥

7. And last, but really not the least, (nay! He’s the most important now) the wonderful Ed Sheeran! I love him the most, he’s very talented, and really amazing… I can put this felling into words, his lyrics are beautiful and meaningful, he’s the greater musician ever! He is funny, kind, and love his fans.♥ I love him so much because he don’t want to show himself better than us, he just live for his love, the music. And that’s why he is here, he give me hope, and I really really really, gigantically love him! I can’t say more… All my love is his now.♥ (And seven is my favorite number, that’s why he’s the 7th.:))
Happy New Year guys! Smile, now you have 365 empty pages of a book. Write this story carefully!:)
tumblrbot asked:

Umm I don’t really know… maybe when I saw my mother - around the year 3 - how she breast-feed my little brother.:)

"Be a true heart, not a follower."
- Ed Sheeran
My favorite qoute:
"I like walking in the rain, cuz no one knows I’m crying."
- Rowan Atkinson
Magic exist. That’s magic that we’re breathing, we can love, and we can feel. Magic are in you, and everybody. Just see it.:)
Life has a dark side… but we must be happy for the light side.:)